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Islam and Secularism
Product Code : BOK65853

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Author: Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas
Publisher: International Institute of Islamic Thoughts and Ci
ISBN : 9789670149479
Language : English
-This work deals with fundamental problems faced by contemporary Muslims and provides real solutions. It analyses the Muslim "dilemma" by declaring that it should be resolved primarily through what it calls the "dewesternization of knowledge" or, conversely, the "islamization of contemporary knowledge", a concept conceived and elucidated by the author. Numerous ideas are contained in this book - arrived at chiefly through critical study of the Muslim tradition - such as the concepts of din, 'adl, hikmah, adab, ma'na and ta'dib, and their significance in the development of an Islamic system of education. The study is aimed at all Muslims and those concerned with the problems and effects of secularisation in our world today.
Islam and Secularism,
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