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Canon of Medicine - Volume 2: Natural Pharmaceuticals
Product Code : BOK48651

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Author: Abu Ali Al-Husayn Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Sina
Publisher: Kazi Publications
Size/Vol.: A5_EXTRA (17.3x23.5 cm - 6.81x9.25 in)
ISBN : 9781567448122
Language : English
-Binding: Hardback
- Pages: 1400
- -
- UNESCO has declared 2013 as the millennium year of the writing of the Qanun fi al-tibb (Canon of Medicine) by Ibn Sina (Avicenna). A commemorative symposium will be held on June 21, 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey. The symposium will focus on the philosophy, medical therapy, materia medica and scientific works of Ibn Sina, with particular reference to his monumental work Al-Qanun fi al-tibb which he begun to write in 1013. Published for the first time in English alphabetical order, Volume 2 (of the 5 original volumes) of Canon of Medicine (Law of Natural Healing), is an essential addition to the history of medicine as it holds a treasure of information on natural pharmaceuticals used for over 1000 years to heal various diseases and disorders. Fully color illustrated with a 150 page, 7000 word index of the healing properties of each of the entries, the text itself is an alphabetical listing of the natural pharmaceuticals of the simple compounds. By simple compounds, Avicenna includes the individual plants, herbs, animals and minerals that have healing properties. Avicenna lists 800 tested natural pharmaceuticals including plant, animal and mineral substances. The compiler has included the Latin, Persian and Arabic names of the drugs along with artistic renderings of the drugs as illustrations as well as Avicenna s Tables or Grid for each entry that describes the individual, specific qualities of simple drugs: Nature: Names of the simple drugs and their properties; Choice: Selection of the best drug; Temperament: Temperament of drugs; Healing Properties: General description and healing properties of drugs: their dissolution, boiling down, adhesiveness, sleep-inducing properties, and so forth that are described with any other properties they may have; Cosmetics: Drugs that are helpful in beautifying the skin and hair, the drugs that remove skin rashes, vitiligo, warts, and those that are used in cosmetics and so forth; Swellings and Pimples: Drugs useful in treating inflammations and pimples; Wounds and Ulcers: Drugs for treating ulcers, cancer, abscesses, fractures; Joints: Drugs for treating arthritis and other diseases of the joints and nerves; Organs of the Head: Drugs for treating psychological disorders and diseases of the head; Visual Organs: Drugs for treating the visual organs; Respiratory Organs and the Chest: Drugs for treating diseases of the respiratory organs; Food and Alimentary Organs: Drugs for treating the alimentary organs; Excretory Organs: Drugs used as aphrodisiacs as well as for treating the other excretory organs; Fevers: Drugs for treating fevers and diseases related to fevers; Poisons: Drugs for treating poisons; Substitutes: Drugs to be used when the desired drug is unavailable.
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